Cell Phone Video: Pro-Palestine Protests in Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul Video

published: 2018-05-15 17:55:13

News2Share contributor Sameera Rajwade sent this video from Istanbul, Turkey amidst “Right of Return” protests in the Israel/Palestine region.

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  1. Make the Turks return Constantinople. Push back the Muslim invaders

  2. Smash Cultural Marxism~
    Only in the event of an armed invasion should the force of arms be used to repel invading forces. What Israel has done over the last couple of days in which 60 have been killed and over 2000 injured, was to employ an excessive use of force which if ANY other country describing itself as a 'democracy' had used, would result in severe consequences. It is never wrong to protect borders, in fact it is a requisite of any nation. However it is important to note that in regard to the Israel/Palestine issue, it was the Israelis who have been the invading force both in terms of demographic and land expansion, and also militarily forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.

    Those Palestinians who were killed were protesting against the opening of the American embassy in Jersualem, and also against the ethnic cleansing of their families from homes they had lived in for many generations. They were protesting to be allowed to return to those homes which Israelis now occupy.

    The most important point to be made here aside from the mass slaughter of people protesting, is the double standard. If Europeans had done this protecting our borders then you can be sure that Jewish groups would be up in arms and you can be sure that the leader of any nation engaged in such an action would be arrested and prosecuted along with the military personnel engaged responsible.

    Just to be clear, if any Palestinian was armed, seeking to cross into Israel to harm Israelis then you could understand that lethal force would be used. However to claim that those killed yesterday were all armed is disingenuous and is nothing short of fallacious propaganda to justify what they have done.

    Why should Europeans care about what happens to Palestinians? That is an article all on its own, but one reason is because there are important lessons to be learned in terms of opposition to mass immigration and the long-term consequences of demographic displacement. The Palestinians warned what their minority status would result in, just as Nationalists do in the West.


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