Karate 1 Premier League Istanbul 2018 – Male Kata Final (Ohan) – Istanbul Video

published: 2018-06-10 15:15:37

Karate 1 Premier League Istanbul 2018 – Male Kata Final:

Red: Ryo Kiyuna (JPN) performing the new WKF Kata Ohan from Ryueiryu

Blue: Kazumasa Moto (JPN) performing the Shotokan Kata Gankaku

Red won 3:2

Watch the original Istanbul Video here

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  1. Isn't it surprising that they always come up with some new kata? :d
    Here I found that Ohan kata was incorporated by into Shito-ryu style. But it's original style is Ryueiryu.
    If you check list of Shito-ryu kata you won't find this kata. Additionally, if you check Ryueiryu list of kata it also doesn't exist there :d (even here it says "all kata of Ryueiryu Karate" – https://www.amazon.com/All-Kata-Ryuei-Ryu-Karate/dp/4903616959 )
    So it means that it must have been created during last 10 years.
    Isn't it unfair that they can develop new kata and perform them:d and these kata suddenly appear on official wkf list? :d
    I think that all kata should be displayed on youtube so everyone can learn them:D not like it is right now where you check for Hakucho kata and you find 5 different versions and you don't know which one is correct. (ofc suddenly a correct version will appear from Japan side :d:d …).

    (OR a WKF official kata book:d)

    btw. the explosive power of Kiyuna is simply unbelievable :d Moto's kata was technically good and nice to watch but .. I wasn't scared with his moves :d
    I remember that when I first saw Kiyuna and his performance …. my jaw dropped and I was like wtf :d

  2. Moto Kazumasa Win. Ryo kata was very easy, kata all standing, there it is easy to do fast and stron

  3. Here i see Moto took risks and he hasent lost so much balance…. But this conversation we can do for years… Its simple… Shotocan and Goju/Shito cant compare…


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