INCREDIBLE HALAL TURKISH STREET FOOD IN ISTANBUL! Best Kafta beside Blue Mosque & Hagia Sophia – Istanbul Video

published: 2018-10-11 03:25:15

Assalmu Alikom everyone!

Amazing street food in istanbul turkey!! I got the chance to visit this beautiful country.

The first thing was we landed at ataturk airport where we took the metro to the Sultanahmet mosque (blue mosque) and hagia sophia. This was super cheap, it costs about $4 US to take the metro to downtown historic area of Istanbul from the airport

I checked into a cheap boutique hotel called Olimipic which had amazing views of the sea and the Bosphorus! Almost all the hotels in istanbul provide a buffet breakfast which is included in your stay.

We decided to go out and explore the amazing history of istanbul from the time of the Ottoman empire and the Byzantine time as well. Since Turkey is a muslim majority country, all restaurants serve halal food!! This is a great option for all tourists and muslim families.

We found that turkish people are extremely nice and they love to help and the atmosphere, weather, night life is amazing.

First stop was the blue mosque (Sultanahmet), which is a very popular tourist thing to do but it is worth it and it is FREE! It still functions as a mosque so you can go and pray inside it and admire the amazing architecture. Before Maghrib prayer, they close the mosque and only people who will be praying are allowed, so this is a great opportunity to see the mosque when there are less tourists around.

Right across from the blue mosque is Hagia sophia which use to be the main mosque in Istanbul but now functions as a Museum. The entrance fee is $9 US which is super cheap compared to a lot of other museums in different cities. This building is unique and one of a kind. It began as the main cathedral during the Byzantine empire and then was converted a mosque when the Ottoman took over constantinople. This is a must when you visit and make sure to check out the turkish baths right infront of aya sophia!

THE FOOD IS AMAZING, turkish food is delicious and is all about the meat. I got a chance to try some of the quick street foods that you can find in Istanbul such as the grilled corn and Simit.
But the highlight on my first day was the Kafta! I have had many different kind of grilled kaft but this was super juicy and smokey from the BBQ.

Stay tuned because of have more travel vlogs to show you around Istanbul and taste some amazing turkish halal street food!

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